1. Application

  Applicant can apply for admission by opting any of the three means of application as per his/her convenience –

  • by visiting the campus
  • by downloading the application form
  • by online application.

  Applicants are requested to continue with only ONE means to avoid any confusion or duplication of application. Each applicant will be provided with ONLY ONE unique application number. The application number is required for all admission proceedings. Losing this number may result in forfeiture of application. An applicant can apply only ONCE with the same details and credentials. Duplication of application may result in its forfeiture. Applicants are requested to contact the admission cell for any clarifications or in the event of losing application number. To know more about the ways to apply, please Click here.

  The application form contains 3 pages. The first page, the last page and the second part of the second page are to be filled COMPULSORILY. The first part of the second page is to be filled upon providing admission fees by means of cheque or DD. Please fill all the necessary details. Application form with incomplete details/unfilled spaces/conflicting details/wrong details will not be accepted.

2. Submission

  Applicant can submit the filled application form in the following ways –

  • by visiting the campus
  • by sending via post or courier
  • by mailing scanned softcopy
  • by online application submission

  Applicants who are submitting the hardcopy/softcopy of the application form are requested to provide their application number along with their application form. Application form without application number will result in its forfeiture. Online submission is applicable only for online application. Downloaded application forms can be submitted as a hardcopy or softcopy. No changes in program or course can be requested once the application form is submitted. Any change in personal details is considered only after the approval of admission.

  Original documents are required to be submitted along with the application form. Applicants submitting their application forms by visiting the campus can submit the original copies of their documents/certificates. Applicants submitting their application forms via post/courier can attach the attested copies of their documents/certificates. Applicants submitting their application forms via email or online application can submit the scanned copy of their original documents/certificates. To view the list of documents/certificates to be submitted, please Click here. Submission of the required documents/certificates is MANDATORY for the admission approval.

3. Track Admission Status

  Upon receiving the application form, the applicants will receive online credentials (username and password) from IDS to track their admission status online. The credentials are unique to their application number. Applicants are requested to keep their credentials safe and not to share with others. Applicants can track their admission status by navigating to the ‘Track Admission Status’ page under the ‘Online’ section of ‘Admissions’ menu or Click here.

  The applicant has to login by entering the necessary credentials. These credentials are provided by the college to those applicants who have submitted through means other than Online Applications. Applicants who have applied through Online Application can enter the same credentials used for the initial registration. Once logged-in, the applicant can track the status of the application and update details and documents based on the notification. Please check the notifications constantly and make the necessary changes as requested. A period of 2-3 days is provided to the applicant to make the necessary changes. If the applicant is in need of more time, then contact the Admission Cell via email. Failure to make the necessary changes or informing the admission cell for extension of time may result in forfeiture of the application.

  Please note that the processing and approval may take up to 7 working days depending upon the quality of the documents submitted. This duration might extend in the event of any discrepancy. Once the admission is approved, the applicant can proceed to the fee payment portal by clicking on the link provided. If the admission is approved but is on waiting list, please wait for a couple of days or contact the admission cell to know the status of the waiting list. We request the applicants to remain patient during this stage. If the admission is withheld or rejected, please contact the Admission Cell to get clarity and ways to rectify.

4. Fee Payment

  The admission fee payment can be done either by online money transfer or by Cheque/DD by selecting the convenient method. The amount of fee payable will be displayed by default in the online method. In the online method, the payment can be made by means of credit card, debit card, net banking, UPI etc. as shown in the CC Avenue page. If payment is opted via Cheque/DD then please provide the necessary payment details. Cheques and Demand Drafts to be drawn in favour of MNS Educational and Charitable Trust, Mangaluru. Please send the cheque/DD through Speed Post, Registered Post or courier to the following address – “Indian Design School”, 3rd Floor, Ivory Enclave, S.L. Mathias Road, Attavar, Mangalore – 575001.

  Please note that completing fee payment is necessary for reserving the seat and completing the admission process. Deadlines for fee payment will be provided to the applicant via email. Incomplete admissions or inability to pay the admission fee after the deadline may result in the forfeiture of the admission. A scanned copy of the Admission Order containing all the details regarding the admission will be sent to the applicant via email. Please retain this file for all future uses.

5. Aptitude Test

  Upon completion of the admission procedure, the applicant is required to undertake an aptitude test as a part of the induction procedure. These tests can be done by either visiting the college or online. These tests are meant to be completed in one hour, although extension is given to the applicant based on performance. The date, time and venue of the test will be informed well in advanced via email, although no prior preparation is required. The applicants are required to present their Admission Order at the venue to participate in the aptitude test.

  The aptitude test, though mandatory, does not contribute to the criteria for admissions. Nonetheless, we expect the applicants to take these test with utmost seriousness and give their best. The aptitude test is not meant for ranking the applicant but to understand his/her problem solving skills, creativity and approach to design related challenges. The performance of the applicant in the test provides the faculties with better insights into the approach to solving design problems and time management. This helps the faculties to fine tune their teaching methods to specifically cater to the academic needs of the students and in teaching them new and relevant skills to upgrade their abilities. This ensures that in the future, each student receives personal attention academically.

6. Orientation

  The Orientation Program is an event conducted by the institute to welcome and initiate new students during the academic year. Parents are requested to accompany their wards for this event. The day, time and venue of the event will be provided in advance via mail and SMS.

  The students are required to submit the original copies of all their documents/certificates post-event to complete the admission process. An hardcopy of the updated Admission Order will be provided to the students upon submitting all the necessary documents and certificates. Students will be also provided with folder containing the academic calendar, class time-table, identity card and a list of stationery items required for the semester. Forms for scholarships and education trusts will also be available as a financial help to students.