Since its inception, the Indian Design School has strived to provide the best in class education in the field of design through practical learning. We have maintained international standards in aspects of our institutions – from the infrastructure to the quality of education.

Hands-On Learning

  IDS offers a hands-on approach in teaching where students learn all the subjects and their content practically. The students visit Nirmithi Kendra (Govt. R & D centre for building materials) for in-depth learning experience on brick construction laying by practically carrying out all the construction procedures. Atelier and Siemens host the “Cook-Bake” session for the students for a practical understanding of the modern kitchen. Students in the mural workshop do wall painting as a part of their activity week.

  Students visit Zed’s showroom to get an in-depth view into different types of fabrics. Asian Paints conducted workshop where the students painted the campus walls by brush and rollers and even worked on putty finish. The Apple Ply by the AK Group invited the students of IDS to their manufacturing unit for providing them with comprehensive experience involving the processing of timber and the manufacturing of different types of plywood and other products.

Industrial Immersion

  The students at IDS are exposed to a wide variety of material brands and a plethora of building and interior materials. Brands like Asian Paints, Fundermax, Fenesta, Aura etc. frequently provide the students with the brochures and material samples for their academics and enhancing their material knowledge. Showrooms like Atelier, Zed’s, J.P. lights etc. share a strong bond with the Indian Design School and likewise frequently invite the IDS students to their establishments to update their database of new products and appliances in the market.

  Building material vendors like Abhay Marbles conduct workshops for the students where they show processing, storing and application of a variety of stones like marble and granite while providing them with market exposure through different type of rates and costing methods. Atelier encourage the visits of IDS students to get a good grasp on the latest brands and products in tiles, bathroom and sanitation fixtures. Atelier and Siemens organize sessions exclusively for IDS students to get a applied understanding of their kitchen and related appliances.

Live Projects in Academics

  IDS is closely associated with a Building Lab – one of the highly reputed architecture and interior design firm. aBL in constantly involved in providing live projects to the students for giving professional exposure from day 1. Here at IDS, we strongly believe that professional coaching should go hand-in-hand with academics and not at the end of academics. This belief ensures our students to be well experienced professional interior designers immediately after graduation and get high profile jobs at the very beginning.

  Students are given live sites from aBL for their case studies and site visits. Unlike other design institutes where students need to a lot of hurdles to get permissions for site visits, IDS students face no such issue. With an experience of over 16 years, aBL has a immense list of high-profile clients from across India and abroad who are always enthusiastic to help our students granting them necessary permissions and details of their projects.

Design Expert Mentorship

  We at IDS are involved in making our students outstanding professional interior designers through frequent discussions with leading professionals. IDS hosts a unique monthly event called “Design Celebration” where it invites celebrated architects and interior designers across the country for having talks on design, projects and professional practice. It serves as a platform where exchange of ideas and knowledge takes place to inspire young, creative minds to achieve excellence. The event also invites major interior brands to present their latest products.

  The Design Celebration is centred around the semester syllabus and plan so that it caters to their academic requirements. These events have witness the visit of many such highly experienced, leading professionals from not just India but from countries like USA, Singapore, Germany etc. in a single academic year. The design experts and material vendors who have been part of this event have greatly appreciated the efforts made by IDS.

Software Skills

  Interior Design being a creative, professional field demands the knowledge of appealing drawing and presentation skills. In this day and age, computer generated drawings and images are used to achieve appealing presentations. IDS takes pride in the quality of software skills being taught to the students regarding both drawing, 3D modelling and presentation.

  The IDS campus has high specification computers and printers with latest software. Students are given the knowledge of industry-grade 2D software like AutoCAD, 3D software like Sketchup, 3DS Max, Rhino 3D etc. High quality presentation skills via software like Photoshop, Illustrator, PowerPoint etc. are also taught to the students to make them multi-talented, multi-tasking professionals.


  IDS regularly conducts design, creativity and social cause oriented workshops for the benefit of the students. Every semester begins with a week of design oriented workshops that gives the students a better idea of the upcoming subjects. Workshop include wall art-painting, making useful and creative products from waste materials, mural making etc. These workshops are aimed at making students comfortable as well as thoroughly acquainted with the academics.

  Every Design Celebration is accompanied by workshop for the students. Workshops include door & window making, furniture making, wall painting etc. IDS is also the only design institute to conduct the workshop on social awareness, women safety and cyber-security called “Ab Samjhauta Nahin” in association with Josh Talks, Vivel and ITC. Workshops on building materials and construction technology is conducted at the R & D centre of the Govt. of India.

100% Job Placement

  IDS is closely associated with many leading and reputed brands in the field of architecture and interior design. These brands include Le Grand for lighting and lighting fixtures. Grohe, Kohler and Jaquar for Bathroom and sanitation systems. Asian Paints for paints, wallpapers and wall finishes. Zed’s and D Décor for fabrics. Hettich and Würfel for modular kitchen fabricators. These brands offer jobs to our students In their establishments as the main designers for their products through the MOUs they share with IDS.

  IDS also shares a close bond with a vast network of architects and interior designers across the country through organisations like IIID and IIA. The IDS administration and faculties are member of the Institute of Indian Interior Designers (IIID) and Indian Institute of Architects (IIA), giving IDS the access to a vast network of companies and design firms for providing the students with high quality internships and job placements. In fact, the students are given the choice of firms they want to join.

Smart Campus

  Here at IDS, campus is filled with creative design elements , impressive product designs and aesthetically done campus interiors. This makes the students feel comfortable and relaxed at the place of study, and also they can be inspired by the designs too. Campus interiors have informal spaces for students to relax during break hours.

  All classrooms at IDS are Air-conditioned and also has smart class facilities incorporated. Classrooms at IDS have both bench desks as well as drafting tables and stools for comfortable working inside class . There are locker facilities provided for each student inside the classroom to keep their belongings safe.

  The campus is well equipped with an sophisticated library, both in physical and digital formats having more than 30 books and nearly 800 e-books. The campus of IDS also houses the material library consisting of material samples which help the students to familiarize themselves with materials used in the live projects. The material library also consists of product catalogues of laminates, veneers, wallpapers, light and bathroom fittings etc. which the students can refer for the purpose of their own projects

  A sophisticated computer lab fully equipped with high specification computers and printers with the latest software is provided for students’ use in the campus of IDS. IDS boasts of a modern campus with interactive spaces specifically made for student comfort. The students are given the comfort and liberty to explore art projects or installations that may give them an opportunity to envision and execute projects that can contribute to the aesthetics of the campus.